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Day 20 – We love our people! It’s all down to YOU 2004-2024!

Our 20th and final post to celebrate our Farm Shop’s 20th Year is all about how we love our people.  By this I mean not only all the amazing staff […]

Day 19 – Staying true to our roots!

Over the last 20 years we have wanted to keep the feel of a REAL farm shop on a REAL farm. Our proudest achievement is that we have stuck to […]

Day 18 – Foraging the land!

One thing that we have done a lot of since we have moved to Broom House is hedge planting. We have managed to get various grants over the years enabling […]

Day 17 – This Farm Shop loves COLOUR

In 2017 I woke up in the middle of the night with the realisation that I was mad not to be selling a small selection of gifts. As previously mentioned […]

Day 16 – Offering Something Different – mutterings about Mutton!

One of our unique selling points when comparing us to supermarkets and other butchers shops in the area is that we sell mutton. Our definition of Mutton is that it’s […]

Day 15 – This Farm Shop loves…LOCAL!

Emma and I often refer to our farm shop as small but mighty; we have just 125m² of space but support over 60 local suppliers – here’s the full list! […]

Day 14 – Location, location and Forest Adventuring!

Our location is very much “off the beaten track” and we have had to work hard to tempt people to make the detour up the hill. Attractions such as our […]

Day 13 – Communicating with you all!

Technological developments over the last 20 years have helped small businesses so much! When we first opened the Farm Shop I remember collecting handwritten addresses in the Butchery and on […]

Day 12 – Waste Not!

Sustainability is at the heart of our farming ethos, and these values are carried on in the Farm Shop and especially the Coffee Shop, which has played an important role […]

Day 11 – Aberdeen Angus Beef – Simply the best!

Aberdeen Angus cows form our entire herd here at Broom House and we think that their beef is simply the best!  Our herd was started in 2001, when we bought […]

Day 10 – Relationships!

As touched upon in our last post, the Farm shop and Coffee shop have formed a fantastic symbiotic relationship since the coffee shop was built and opened in 2007.  Before […]

Day 9 – This Farm Shop loves: ORGANIC!

So what is Broom House Farm Shop all about? I asked Emma and she says that there are three main pillars, organic, local and colour! Let’s start with organic. Organic […]

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