Day 17 – This Farm Shop loves COLOUR

In 2017 I woke up in the middle of the night with the realisation that I was mad not to be selling a small selection of gifts. As previously mentioned this was largely due to Kate Sutherland (see Day 4 blog!)

With Ruth Moreland’s help we moved the “School Room” across the road, allowing the farm shop to expand into the bulk of the Cart Shed. The initial inspiration was to have gifts that connected with food – such as dinner candles and candlesticks, cake tins, teapots and jugs, as well as thank you cards. I was very conscious of having a strong focus on gifts being locally produced or brightly coloured (!) to enhance the theme of entertaining at home, with food at the centre of all celebrations!  It was fun trying to source some interesting products and to work out what might sell.   

One of the first things we tried were dinner candles from Moorland Candles based in Alston, Cumbria. This was at the suggestion of Phil and Paula Mackie, longstanding customers and candle connoisseurs. Ted and his small team make the most amazing hand dipped coloured candles the old fashioned way, using huge vats of brilliantly colured wax; these definitely fitted the brief of local and colourful.  Every so often we place an order and drive over the moors to collect a carload of colour. Click here to see a video of how Ted and his team make their candles!

We try to have an eye catching display as you enter the farm shop, drawing customers in.  Usually this will have a seasonal theme too… but sometimes in the depths of dark January we just want to add a pop of colour into our lovely customer’s lives!!  We love to hear about special get togethers and birthday celebrations where a trip to Broom House Farm Shop is an essential part of the preparation, from picking up a nice big piece of pork shoulder, to a leg of lamb for Easter and some juicy steaks for a special return home from uni supper. It’s fab to hear what you are all up to, especially for our head butcher John, who could ask questions all day long… if he didn’t have so much work to do.