Day 15 – This Farm Shop loves…LOCAL!

Emma and I often refer to our farm shop as small but mighty; we have just 125m² of space but support over 60 local suppliers – here’s the full list!

We truly love local at Broom House, tracking down produce made from all over County Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire & Cumbria.

It’s fabulous to be able to get to know our suppliers and call them friends, “Honey George” from South Durham honey has been a stockist on our shelves for years and now that we have our own hives he often stops by and checks on our own bees, when making his honey delivery, gently teaching these novice bee-keepers where they are going wrong. There is SO much to learn about bees and it’s great to have him on hand to help out.

Then there is Caroline & her team at Acorn Dairy, who have been supplying us with their amazing organic milk and butter since 2007. If you get the chance, you must visit one of their open days and meet their beautiful Jersey cows and hear more about how they have built this incedible business.  They even help us with our double cream dramas on Christmas Eve, when no matter how many times we check and double check…we always seem to be a few cartons of cream short.

Other farming suppliers include Craggs traditional flours of Sedgefield, Sophie from Todburn Goat Soaps, Piercebridge Farm organic poultry and the Nelles of Thistleyhaugh, Morpeth who rear our Christmas turkeys, as well as Theo and his team at Rigg & Furrow brewery – where they use barley grown on their farm near Acklington in their beers.  A newer supplier is Slack House Farm near Brampton, who make delicious organic yoghurt and cheese with milk from their dairy cows.  Not quite a farmer, but using locally grown produce from wherever she can save it is Esther and her delicicious, award winning Woodcrest jams and chutneys, made with surplus fruit and vegetables from gardens and orchards.

Our closest suppliers are based just down the road in Witton Gilbert (Screaming Chimp), Langley Park (Fika Coffee), Esh (Sweet Sally Cinnamon), Sacriston (Durham Coffee & Elvet Cider) and Durham City (Spicy Monkey, Aykley Microgreens).

There are so many interesting small businesses in the area, all trying to make a go of things in what is a difficult climate for what could be seen as non-essential items.  Of course everyone knows that we really do need chocolate and smellies, so our tasty and beautifully presented “North Chocolate” and “La Chocolatrice” chocolates sell well throughout the year, along with Durham & Canny Candy fudges.

Two recent “Meet the Locals” markets have connected customers and suppliers. Our suppliers were invited to have a stall, free of charge – as a thank you for keeping us stocked right through the pandemic. These markets were a fantastic celebration of independent businesses on our doorstep and a chance for customers to meet the faces behind the products in the Farm Shop and hear the stories behind the soaps made by Rachael, Julie and Sophie.  

From coffee and cheese to chocolate, beer to bread and honey to hot spicy sauces our philosophy is – if it’s local and the price fits, we’ll sell it!  We try to support anyone that comes to us with a great product – especially if it’s colourful and delicious!  Come and have a look around the shop again soon and help us to help all these wonderful small businesses!