Day 19 – Staying true to our roots!

Over the last 20 years we have wanted to keep the feel of a REAL farm shop on a REAL farm. Our proudest achievement is that we have stuck to selling only our own home reared meat, and that it is of the highest quality – looking and tasting amazing and we also love having complete control of our supply chain, thanks to farmer Mark and his team!  The Farm Shop has evolved gradually from a small butchery counter to the retail destination that it is today, with customers travelling here from far and wide.

It is lovely that the farm shop has had some recognition for this over recent years, winning Best Small Farm Shop of the Year and Butchery of Year at the Farm Retail awards in 2023 and this year we are a finalist in the Farm Show and Deli Awards best British Butcher competition.  We are also the 2024 North of England Champion in the Countryside Alliance’s Best Butchery category – thanks to all of our customers for voting for us. 

We will continue to showcase our high class and affordable produce with minimal food miles and we believe that the future of farm retailing can be achieved through dedicated sourcing from quality local suppliers, and in our case – our own livestock. We will continue to stay true to our roots and to strive to offer something that you can’t get elsewhere in Durham and are so proud of all that our small team has achieved over these last 20 years.