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Day 9 – This Farm Shop loves: ORGANIC!

So what is Broom House Farm Shop all about? I asked Emma and she says that there are three main pillars, organic, local and colour! Let’s start with organic. Organic […]

Autumn is here and it’s apple time!

Granny Gray’s Apple Windfall Cake – makes 2 loaf cakes or one large traybake Granny Gray has a knack of being able to use up anything lurking in the pantry […]

January is “Slow Cooking Month”

These days there seems to be a day or a month for just about everything…but this one caught my eye as it makes seasonal sense. The colder winter months call […]

Comfort Food & Chicken Risotto

In times of uncertainty there is nothing better than preparing a comforting meal and we have been thinking about what comfort foods we all have as our favourites. As I […]

Flapjack Recipe

We’ve been making this flapjack since we opened the Farm Shop and it’s still a firm favourite Melt 8oz butter or margarine with 4- 5 tablespoons golden syrup Meanwhile measure […]

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