Green Egg Boxes

Posted: February 10, 2020

Written by: House Broom

We pack our eggs in green egg boxes so that you can spot them easily.  We have 2 flocks of organic hens, you can see ranging around the paddock next to the pig shed and in the field below the farmhouse (with the guinea fowl).  With organic hen feed currently retailing at £560/tonne it’s no surprise that our eggs cost £2.40 a box.  But we do give you 10p back for every egg box that you return and we’ll reuse the boxes as many times as we can before putting them into the compost.

Many customers maintain that they can taste the difference.

If you were wondering about the white eggs…? Our white hens lay white eggs, whereas the speckled hens lay speckled eggs.  And the “brown” hens?  Brown eggs of course.  They all taste the same but the white ones are great for colouring in at Easter time.


A fresh egg should have a shelf life of around 28 days, properly stored.  We take our eggs to the farm shop on the day they are laid.  To test an egg’s freshness place it in a bowl of cold water. A very fresh egg will lie on the bottom.  A rotten egg will float!