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Day 8 – Suppliers!

Having started off just selling meat, it soon became apparent that people liked shopping here and wanted more!  We’d love to be able to produce everything we sell in the […]

Day 7 – We LOVE the Saddleback Sausage!

I have always hankered after having a large, fat pig and Mark & I collected our first two Saddleback sows, from Pickering and in pig, in 1992, soon after we […]

Day 6 – Educating Durham!

We have been offering school and educational visits with a difference for over 20 years and in that time have welcomed over 50,000 children on to the farm. Together with […]

Day 5 – It all started with sheep

All the lamb we sell in the Farm Shop is 100% grass fed and born and bred on this farm – but how did it all start?  Mark kept a […]

Day 4 – What’s going on up the hill?

Anyone that thinks it’s a good idea to open a Farm Shop on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere must be mad. Well, that probably sums […]

Day 3 – We sell EGG-cellent Eggs!

One of the first products we began to sell alongside our meat was eggs from our flock of now around 200 free range hens. Having had a few beautiful Marans […]

Day 2 – Flapjack!

When we first opened the Farm shop in 2004 I used to make trays of flapjack at the crack of dawn every Friday morning (the only day the shop was […]

Day 1: Celebrating 20 years of the Farm Shop!

2004-2024…..It’s been 20 years!  And it’s passed in a flash.  20 years of running this farming and farm retail business is surely something to be celebrated.  And this milestone has […]

Your Farm Shop needs YOU!

We have reached the North of England final of the 2024 Countryside Alliance Awards in the best butcher category. The winner of this “rural oscar”  will be decided by public vote, and it […]

March News from the Farm

It’s March and Spring is springing. At last the nights are getting so much lighter, and the mornings too.  The snowdrops have been showing off along the drive and in […]

Autumn News from the Farm

Autumn is in full swing has arrived! Here’s the link to the full Autumn  Newsletter – it’s a great way of staying in touch with what’s happening at Broom House!

Autumn is here and it’s apple time!

Granny Gray’s Apple Windfall Cake – makes 2 loaf cakes or one large traybake Granny Gray has a knack of being able to use up anything lurking in the pantry […]

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