13th Mar

Health & safety when visiting

Thorough handwashing with soap and water kills most known germs including E Coli 0157 and Coronavirus and we have a great outdoor trough style handwashing station for visitors to use on arrival and on leaving the farm, at the West end of the farm shop. There is soap and hot water here and the taps turn themselves off. You will probably have seen Ruth supervising her school visitors to handwash over the past 8 years, and she has for all this time been an advocate of the Happy Birthday method!

What measures are we taking to help prevent the spread of virus? We remain open as usual and hope that this will continue, although like you all we are having to react to the situation as it develops. Please keep visiting, although we’d appreciate you delaying if you are unwell!

In the Farm Shop we are pegging the door open to reduce the chances of infection being carried via door handles. We will be deep cleaning surfaces every evening (as usual!) and washing our hands between serving each customer. As a small shop with usually no more than 6 people in the building at once and plenty of fresh air, we think we offer a good option for shopping but if you are self isolating or would like a delivery to your door this can easily be arranged. Please just ring the shop 01913718839

The Forest Adventure is an outdoor attraction and we think that it offers a safe place to play, being such a large area and never crowded. We do always advise visitors to the farm to wash their hands before eating or drinking and before leaving the farm and to keep their hands off their faces at all times.

In the Coffee Shop, as well as cleaning tables thoroughly between customers we have implemented hourly cleaning of door handles etc. Our tables are well spaced and there’s plenty of fresh air, we have no air conditioning. Sitting outside is an option, with our many outdoor tables. We have sanitiser and wipes on hand if anyone requests these.

Our school visits will be going ahead unless schools are advised not to leave their premises, our handwashing systems are well in place.

Cyclists – if you’d like to refill your water bottles please use the tap outside the Coffee Shop (round to the left of the front door)

A walk in the fresh air is good for us all and you are welcome to park up here and use our footpaths, please do keep your distance from other people if you come across them on your walk.

And finally our staff are undertaking extra handwashing on arrival and have been reminded of the need to self isolate if they are showing any symptoms of illness. We are all doing our best to keep the show on the road and we hope to see you very soon.