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Mutton is meat from female sheep that are over 2 years old. If looked after properly shep can live for about 6-8 years, if not longer, and their meat matures to give a rich and robust flavour that is not at all tough if properly hung and butchered. We sell mutton (and lamb) all year round in the Farm Shop at Broom House, once the farmer gets his head around continuous supply there is not too much that is difficult about this - there are always sheep on the farm that are not going to be suitable for further breeding.  Some customers have asked their local butcher for mutton and have been told that the butcher "can't get it" This is pure nonsense, all the local abattoirs in this area kill mutton every week - most of it goes into the domestic Asian market, where it is not just used for donor kebabs, these shoppers and their butchers have carried on the tradition of eating mutton, and wisely - for it is cheaper than lamb and complements beautifully the spices of this tradition of cookery.  Broom House Farm specialises in selling those cuts of meat that you cannot find in your local supermarket or local butchery and mutton is just one of those cuts.  The longer mutton is ignored by the supermarket, the better for Broom House!

2 October, 2013 at 13:44

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