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The farm team are working around the clock to get the silage crops cut, turned and baled.   The 2 main silage clamps in the yard were filled last week, we were worried that the tractors might sink into the soggy ground but in the end it was  so windy that the ground dried up fairly well.  We struggled to get the black sheet over the top with the winds, it billowed out like a kite with 6 of us trying to anchor it down,  but now that job is done and already the red clover is sprouting away again in the fields across the drive and along Long Edge.


Thousands of round bales are also being made, the bigger crops mean that this job is going on and on and on and soon there will be bales stuffed in every corner of the yards.  Very little hay has been made yet;  we haven't managed to string together enough dry days and the forecast keeps changing it's mind, making planning and decision making hard.  Hay is handy to have, not only because it's £3 a bale cheaper than silage, (the cost of "wrapping and stacking") but hay can be moved without harming it's quality - once you have pierced the silage wrap, the bale will quickly deteriorate.  Hay is also good for feeding the sheep in the polytunnels as it keeps the ground drier. 


The sheep have all been shorn at last; there are about 50 woolsacks waiting to be collected and taken for grading and processing at the wool factory in Carlisle.  The early lambing flock have been weaned, another 50 lambs have been sold direct from the farm and we've been using this new season's lamb in the butchery for the past month.  Later in August we'll wean the rest of the sheep and the ewes will be dried off on the barer pastures, whilst hopefully the clover will have regrown enough for the lambs to graze. 


30 acres of fodder rape and 20 acres of turnips have been sown to supplement the diet of the lambs this winter.  The oats are looking better for some sunshine and will be ready to add to the silage pit in September. Nine fat Aberdeeen Angus cattle were picked out and sold to supply the supermarket with organic beef at the start of the month; beef prices seem to be holding firm.

22 August, 2012 at 09:09

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